The XPloration Procedure
The XPloration Procedure

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In a three-phase-to-target (3PT) procedure we deliver relevant anomalies map for Hydrocarbon-, Geothermal-, Aquifer- and Ore-Resources, estimate quantity and show depth of occurrence in a prospective area.

Unlike concurrent remote sensing ambitions that revolve mainly around the analysis and interpretation of satellite images, we take it further with advanced ingenious NMR field works. We target the deposit's resonance frequency fingerprint by applying NMR deep sounding — aka virtual drilling — We achieve a competing equivalent to exploration well result but with a fraction of the cost! Conventional 2D - 3D seismic targets geological structures for predictions and hence not always Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI) except if programmed to be so. IXPRO® Tech's method is always a DHI and is applicable on land, water or from the air in frontiers for geophysical investigations with a big bang outcome.

The void of test drilling, heavy equipment mobilization, blasting, trenching etc., the ability to cover huge terrain on- and offshore at contracted time, the void of socio-ecological stress and related land rights hurdles on top of our ability to deliver detailed and data rich results, all epitomize a unique mix of norm disrupting factors tantamount to enhanced performance and profit.
We help you concentrate capital resources on development and production!

Mode of Operation

Three Phases to Target (3PT)

The three phases are modular successive methodologies that together constitute a full cycle service for best results. Recommended is the full cycle for everyone but mostly to established clients — with 3D or 4D intent — However, a client’s need, determined by where he is on the E&P cycle, informs appropriate entry module. Below are rudimentary descriptions of the phases/modules, their procedural peculiarities and some expected ends with HC as target.

  • Remote Sensing

    Phase I - Reconnaissance

    In this Phase we sense and investigate the field for occurence of hydrocarbon deposit.

    • We detect linear zones of tectonic fractures and register anomalous responses indicative of target deposit.
    • We determine and define the contours of prospective leads.
    • We finally map anomalous areas.

    We conclude by giving the operator a clear picture of HC distribution on prospective area if any i.e., a YES or NO on prospectivity.

    Consequential client decision is reliably informed at this phase.
  • In-Depth Analysis - Phase II

    Phase II - Detailed ERS

    We delve into details here with the following as takeaways amongst others:

    • We precisely calculate areas and define boundaries of anomalous zones.
    • We give preliminary estimate of the volume of reservoirs with oil, gas or condensate.
    • We substantiate type of HC traps i.e. if anticline, tectonically, lithologically or stratigraphically controlled.

    The results of phase II gives reliable information on deposit type and quantity. It also recommends best point for targeted seismic.
  • Field Studies - Phase III

    Phase III - Field Works

    Applied within anomalous boundaries derived from the preceding phase, NMR DS delivers astounding ends, conventional methods cannot match prior to delineation hit-well results.

    With NMR Depth Sounding —aka virtual drilling — resource distribution, mass, migration and depth realities are determined. The analysis and interpretation of the data from NMR DS constructs a volumetric display of the resource.

    The hereby identified leads are substantiated and ranked for targeted seismic or exploration drilling.

Technology Team

Prof. Dr. N. Kovalev
Inventor & Patent Owner
Dr. A. Sergeev
Chief Geologist & SPE Member
I. Kotelyanets
R&D & Field Expert
M. Nweke
Director - Sales & Marketing

About IXPRO® Tech.

IXPRO® is the needed solution provider for remote sensing, NMR DS field works for identification, delineation and geological substantiation of subsurface and sub seabed resources anomalies.

We give relevant pre-knowledge of occurrence of commercially viable quantities of hydrocarbon, underground water or ore resources and highlight best areas/points for target seismic, drilling and mining.

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