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Ingenious Technology-Mix

Derived from the key sciences of atmospheric- and geophysics, the avant-gardist technology leadership we here claim, stems from the unique capacities of robust identification of characteristic fingerprints of natural resources and tectonic faults by decoding analogue & digital satellite image data, relevant to microseepage, in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum on one hand, on the other, the field corroboration of the results, by areal and point electromagnetic deep sounding that further illuminates anomalies, their boundaries, width, depths and fluid migration by causal electromagnetic field measurement.

The Science

  • ERS I

    Prime objective here is to capture, analyse and interpret geochemical and geobotanical microseepage effects.

    This is achieved by processing satellite time series-, multispectral- and hyperspectral-images to: retrieve spectral reflectance, identify materials, detect processes and signs of tectonic faults — by visible, ultraviolet, infrared and radar imagery — of the acreage.

    At this stage, a visual and algorithmic extrapolation of anomalies and determination of their primary boundaries is feasible. Further processing in the IR range allows for quality assessment of the anomalies.
  • ERS II

    The processing of a much higher resolution multi-sensor dataset in contrast to ERS I, filters noise signals, consequently amplifying potential anomalous signals that are highly indicative of resource accumulation.

    Delineation accuracy is further increased by proprietary radiation processing of analogue images, enhanced with the NMR fingerprints of resource sample and/or reservoir rock, by means of proprietary nano-gels. This can/is only accomplished in the world’s lone private nuclear reactor, fundamental to our proposition.

    Accuracy of results after ERS II is between 50%-60%
  • NMR Deep Sounding

    A carrier wave is modulated with exact or proximate resonance frequencies of subject resource. Deep carrier signal sounding of anomalous zones by a performant electromagnetic emitter, triggers unique electromagnetic resonance response of resource at depths up to 6km. The resultant unique NMR signals are recorded by sensitive NMR receivers on the surface, allowing for clear determination of contours of productive anomalies. With a point electromagnetic sounding device, resource accumulation intensities and depth data are retrieved that informs of distribution, pressure, migration etc..

    Accuracy after NMR DS is over 90%

Benefits and Differentiation


Our integrated technology offers solutions to: mitigate natural resource exploration, surveys to support environmental preservation, exploration for ground water bodies and even investigation of archaeological sites amongst these key:

  • Brief implementation time — it takes only 120 days to complete ERS I & II,
  • Cost-effective — significant cost savings of up 80% compared to traditional methods,
  • Accuracy — horizontal and vertical accuracy that informs targeted seismic – no dry hole,
  • Empirical — over three decades of R&D, backed by numerous successful projects,
  • Small, dynamic and highly specialized team for quick, flexible and customer centric business.

Differentiating Advantages

ERS I & II, NMR DS 2D/3D Seismic
  • Is drawn from geoelectromagnetic sciences
  • Targets the accumulations and is by its nature DHI
  • Is drawn from seismic reflection sciences
  • Targets geological structures.
    Can be DHI, depending on processing and many other factors.
  • Is a highly cost-effective
  • Is a low risk exploration
  • Involves very high labour cost
  • Is plagued by various risks
  • Time-Efficient — 90% Time Savings
  • Covers vast territory at one go
  • Takes years to implement
  • Needs much effort and cost for equipment mobilization
  • Has zero environmental effect
  • Has zero socio-ecological stress
  • Uses explosives & earth vibration
  • Warrants earth mass displacement
  • Promts road construction
  • Requires permission and rights for land use
  • Often provokes high socio-ecological stress
  • Certainly hits target on first run
  • Uncertain; needs corroboration
  • High percentage error

About IXPRO® Tech.

IXPRO® is the needed solution provider for remote sensing, NMR DS field works for identification, delineation and geological substantiation of subsurface and sub seabed resources anomalies.

We give relevant pre-knowledge of occurrence of commercially viable quantities of hydrocarbon, underground water or ore resources and highlight best areas/points for target seismic, drilling and mining.

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