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IXPRO® brings a timely solution that remodels the ways and means of sub-topographic and sub-bathymetric natural resources exploration. By patented and vetted remote sensing ingenuity, corroborating field works derived from the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Science, commercially relevant anomalies are identified, delineated and geologically substantiated. Be it Hydrocarbon-, Geothermal-, Aquifer- or Ore-Resources, we give Government, Investor or Operator gainful pre-knowledge of acreage feasibility and recommend viable areas for targeted seismic and/or spot for appraisal well, equally most prospective mining site.

We strive to become the exploration industry’s first utility toolbox to a hit well and best grade mining target at least cost, least time with zero or least socio-environmental impact.


90% Time Saving

Time Saving ≅ 90%

Despite perceived recovery and optimism in the Oil & Gas industry, IOC & NOC managers tread cautiously, holding firm on cost-saving and process-efficiency strategies adopted in response to recent industry upheaval. Lately rising oil prices pressure same managers, in extent enough to trigger compromise on such operational efficiency policies. Generally, but especially now, squeezing exploration time is a resilient cost reduction policy any manager must be comfortable with. It takes IXPRO® Tech., at most 150 days not years, to identify, delineate and geologically substantiate resource anomalies. Clever deciders are embracing unorthodox ingenuities to offset looming expense rally by effectively streamlining exploration time.
Over 90% Precision

Precision ≅ 90%

Profit and cost-efficiency drive in exploration business is set against the daunting defiance quota of dry wells and mistargeted mining even after acquisition of costly seismic data. Oil and Gas prospecting has moved to cover remote and challenging frontiers prompting identification and adoption of new sets of competences critical to profitable growth. With IXPRO® Tech’s integrated methods of remote sensing (RS), NMR field works and results substantiation, we achieve precision up to 90% or more, in terms of area exhibiting best anomalies and target for any appraisal act. If profit is and remains a key industry gauge, then it necessitates a remix of individual company portfolio to succeed.
Up to 80% Cost reduction

Cost Saving ≅ 80 %

While still recovering from the oil price shock of the recent past, global Oil & Gas exploration & production players are adjusting corporate culture and paradigm to accommodate unconventional exploration and production techniques. By substantially reducing 2D or 3D seismic shots to a targeted minimum; by informing delineation drilling or the discovery of ore deposits on the most feasible anomalies with best hit prospect, IXPRO® Tech. mitigates exploration resource cost and significantly shortens the path to development and production. Our approach adds the needed set of procedural adaptations key to high-performance exploration.

Who is our client?

Oil and Gas Sector

Oil & Gas Ventures

Exploration has become difficult, expensive and competitive. It commands executives to introduce new exploration practices to secure long-term performance. We are your strategic partner if your planning includes embracing qualified unconventional methods that led smaller companies — not the afore-dominant oil majors — account for two-third of major discoveries in the recent past.
Minning and Minerals Venture

Ore Deposit Explorers

With focus on the ECOWAS and Gulf of Guinea regions, we bring new acquisition practice for high value geoscience data to Government and the private sector. By eliminating the hurdles posed by access roads, security, budget and socio- ecological stress, sector gestation period shrinks to boost performance. We examine and isolate over 100 deposit types by their resonance frequencies yet non-invasive to terrain.
Geothermal and Underground Water Sector

Ground Water Prospectors

Water security as highlighted by recent realities in Cape Town is a growing concern for the public and private sector. The development and prosperity of future economies may hinge on water availability. With our capacities, Government and industry have successfully identified and mapped geothermal and water bodies much needed to drive various ground water sustainable development projects such as ATES etc..

Contractual Footprint

6 Continents, 20 Countries, over 60 successful Projects

Derived from over 30 years of experience with geophysical survey systems and methods, a team of over 20 employees, including SPE Geologists, our core assertion is a technology-mix for non-invasive sub-surface & -bathymetric investigation of HC-, Geothermal-, Aquifer- and Ore-Resources. With five (5) Patents and numerous Scientific Publications on remote sensing and non-invasive subsurface mapping, worldwide representations in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia, Northern Africa and now the ECOWAS region, IXPRO® Tech. claims a tested, disruptive but performant industry innovation, needed in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Water Security sectors.
Ukraine USA Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Iran, Mexico, DR Congo, Ethiopia...
RS NMR HC-Identification Successful Successful Successful
RS NMR HC Accumulation Delineation Confirmed by geoelectric survey and drilling Confirmed by seismic Confirmed by seismic
Total RS NMR Evaluated Wells 10 27 26
Total RS NMR recommended wells drilled 5 3 5
Success rate 100% 100% 100%

About IXPRO® Tech.

IXPRO® is the needed solution provider for remote sensing, NMR DS field works for identification, delineation and geological substantiation of subsurface and sub seabed resources anomalies.

We give relevant pre-knowledge of occurrence of commercially viable quantities of hydrocarbon, underground water or ore resources and highlight best areas/points for target seismic, drilling and mining.

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